Raw Dog Food Summit

Pet owners are sick of highly processed, unnatural dog food and are now looking for healthier, species-appropriate feeding solutions for their dogs.

In this summit, we’ll be sharing how raw feeding -- 'done-the-right-way' -- is nutrition as nature intended for your dog.

Learn from leading veterinarians and animal nutrition who will dispel the myths & misconceptions, help you avoid common mistakes and ensure you get started on the right path.

Now You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This Virtual Summit?

  • The little-known principles for balancing a raw food diet that every dog owner must follow.
  • The  #1 health issue dogs are suffering with today and how raw food feeding has been proven to help
  • The unique benefits provided by raw foods (Plus: Raw Superfoods!) that increase vitality and protect against diseases common to senior dogs
  • How to navigate raw food feeding with acute and chronic illness
  • Why it's in commercial pet food companies' best interest to suppress raw feeding studies
  • How to feed a dog raw food with pancreatitis (what they can or can't generally tolerate in their diet)
  • How to use "Food as Fuel" using the best nutrients to support optimal performance
  • The science behind why dogs have zero nutritional need for dietary carbohydrates
  • The benefits Intermittent fasting has for your dog's body what sleep does for the brain.
  • and so much more...

You won’t want to miss it!.

Hosted by the "Father of Raw Food Feeding" Dr. Ian Billinghurst!

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DAY 1 - The Basics Of Raw Feeding

Dr. Nick Thompson

Beyond Kibble: 30 Reasons To Ditch The Dry

Nick Thompson is a vet. He has been fighting for responsible, species-appropriate raw food feeding for pets for over 25 years. His tireless drive for healthy pets from birth to graceful old age brought him to raw feeding in the mid-1990s.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Kibble is species-inappropriate.
  • Kibble contains toxic substances.
  • Kibble creates ill-health.

Dr. Conor Brady

Protein, Fat & Carbs

After college, I spent five years in guide dogs as a pup supervisor and guide dog trainer, first in Ireland and then Perth, Australia. It was while I was in Australia that the true powers of raw feeding came to light. That was 16 years ago. The time since, bar a couple of years as a producer myself, I have spent as a full-time writer, speaker and dedicated advocate for natural canine feeding and health. Much of my work you will find at my website www.dogsfirst.ie and for the nerds, there is in my 2020 book Feeding Dogs: Dry or Raw? The Science Behind the Debate, which proudly remains the #1 rated manual on canine nutrition on Amazon.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Carbohydrates - What are they, what do they do, what is the science behind their use in pet food / need in pets and finally their role in the obesity, pancreatitis, bloat and cancer epidemics plaguing dogs today.
  • Protein - Its role in the body, it’s importance to the dog, the protein used in dry pet food (what is meat meal?) and the science supporting the new ultra low-protein diet of the modern dog. We finish with the dangers of poor quality protein and how truly vital LOTS of good meat protein is to the dog.
  • Kat - The type of fat used in dry pet food, how it is preserved, studies showing the benefits of adding good fat to dry food, plant oils yes or no, tips on the omega 3 and green lipped mussel industry.

Joel Baardseth

Why Raw: What You Need To Know So Your Dog Can Thrive

Joel Baardseth has been in the pet industry for twenty years, and each year he learns more about the Power of Food to help our four-legged kids live their best lives. He is the Vice President of Sales for an excellent raw food company, Steve's Real Food. He teaches retail staff and the public how to use food to help with common dog and cat ailments.

n this presentation you'll learn:

  • What happens when heat is added to food.
  • The #1 health issue for dogs today.
  • The power of intracellular moisture.

Dr. Rebecca Brown

Raw Feeding Risk Mitigation

Rebecca graduated from Massey University in 1996. Having worked throughout New Zealand and the UK, she joined Dr. Lyn Thomson at Raw Essentials (Raw Food for Cats and Dogs) in 2013. Raw Essentials provides extensive support with their food, facilitating a wealth of experience in raw feeding. They keep abreast of health and nutrition research for pets and people. Raw Essentials is part of the international raw feeding community, Rebecca has been a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) since 2016.

In this presentation you'll learn:

  • Principles for balancing a raw diet.
  • Minimizing risk from potential pathogens.
  • Safe bone feeding.

Nicole Cammack

Why Feed Raw?

Nicole is the founder & owner of multiple-award winning North Point Pets & Company, in Connecticut, USA. She has completed undergraduate work in biological sciences, business and holds an M.S. in Nutrition. Currently Nicole is pursuing a PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Canine Nutrition/Metabolomics) at the prestigious University of Georgia in the USA. Her background includes experience in the pharmaceutical industry on multiple R&D projects and has had the privilege to learn from leading figures in the human and pet health industries.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • The importance of variety when feeding raw
  • The proven science about reduction in inflammatory Biomarkers
  • The surprising benefits and vibrancy your dog will experience

DAY 2 - The Specifics Of Raw Feeding

Kasie Maxwell Grujcic

Raw Feeding For Senior Dogs

Kasie Maxwell Grujcic (Founder/Owner, SFRAW), has worked and lived with animals her entire life. Over the years she has worked as an assistant to a veterinary homeopath, veterinary technician, working student for an A-circuit hunter/jumper stable, trainer for a Hanoverian stable for a rider on the Belgian Olympic Equestrian Team, pet-sitter, wildlife rehabber, and has served as a foster home to many rescued animals with a focus on seniors, hospice, and end of life care.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Expected metabolic changes of senior dogs and how raw feeding best supports these changes.
  • Seniors actually need more (high quality) protein, not less!
  • Unique benefits provided by raw foods (plus: Raw Superfoods!) that increase vitality and protect against diseases common to senior dogs.

Julie Anne Lee

How To Feed Sick Dogs With Raw

Julie Anne Lee, DCH, RcsHOM, has been the owner and practitioner of some of the busiest and long standing holistic veterinary hospitals and clinics in North America. This includes founding the first licensed strictly holistic veterinary clinic in Canada. She developed and taught a three year post-graduate program for veterinarians at the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Navigating raw food and the reintroduction of raw food during and after acute and chronic illness.
  • Should you be feeding sick animals raw bones?
  • Extra support for dogs on medications like immune suppressive drugs... things you can do at home.

Dr. Katie Woodley

Raw Feeding For Puppies

Dr. Katie Woodley, is the proud owner and holistic veterinarian of The Natural Pet Doctor. Her mission is to ensure that all pet parents have access to herbal medicine, supplementation, and nutritional advice throughout their pet's lifetime that helps them thrive rather than just survive.

In this presentation you'll learn:

  • Transitioning puppies to a raw food diet.
  • How to create a balanced raw diet for puppies
  • Recommended raw meaty bones for puppies.

Dr. Judy Morgan

Raw Food For Pancreatitis

Dr. Judy Morgan has over 37 years experience as an integrative veterinarian, acupuncturist, chiropractor, food therapist, author, and speaker. Her goal is to change the lives of over ten million pets by educating and empowering pet owners worldwide in the use of natural healing therapies, and minimizing the use of chemicals, vaccinations, and poor quality processed food.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • While the usual blame is a high-fat meal, or getting into the trash, there are many factors that may play a role in Pancreatitis.
  • A high level understanding of the 4 TCVM patterns that can lead to pancreatitis.
  • How to feed a dog with pancreatitis (what they can or can't generally tolerate in their diet).

Kimberly Gauthier

Transition To Raw Diet

Keep the Tail Wagging is a blog about raw feeding, raising dogs naturally, and life as a dog mom. Kimberly Gauthier (go-tea-ay) lives with four dogs in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys sharing everything she's learning about dog nutrition, health, behavior, and more. The goal of Keep the Tail Wagging is to share steps pet parents can take to raise healthier dogs - paying forward the tips and tricks others shared with Kimberly over the years.

In this presentation you'll learn:

  • Focus on the dog in front of you.
  • Learn to work with your veterinarian, not against.
  • Strangers on social media don't know your dog or you; don't allow them to derail your journey.

DAY 3 - A Deeper Dive Into Raw Feeding

Dr. Ian Billinghurst

The Evolution Of A Dogs Diet

Dr. Ian Billinghurst is a nutritionist, agricultural scientist, veterinary surgeon, acupuncturist and nutritional consultant. He is the author of Give Your Dog a Bone, Grow Your Pups With Bones and The BARF Diet, which discusses the basic principles of canine nutrition using raw, whole and commonly available foods. He conducts clinical and literature research into nutrition, writes and lectures on evolutionary nutrition and produces his own brand of pet foods.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Evolution of the Canine Dietary Genome.
  • What The Evolution Teaches Us About Feeding Our Dogs Today
  • Food Environments

Dr. Christian Vergara

Food, Behavior & Gut Bugs: The Psychobiome Revolution

Dr. Christian Vergara a Veterinarian and President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society is the first veterinarian in Chile to teach about raw food in pets professionally to other colleagues, my work is divided in pet nutrition and study the microbiome.

In this presentation you'll learn:

  • How the Microbiome influences the dog's behavior.
  • The Ability of The Gut Bacteria To Influence Behavior In The Absence of Immune Response
  • Understanding the connection between the Gut and Brain

Ronny LeJeune

Feeding Performance Dogs

Ronny LeJeune is the lead certified canine nutritionist and the owner of Perfectly Rawsome which is the online resource for fresh food diets. She is also a certified professional dog trainer at Optimal Canine where her focus is obedience, sport performance, and fitness training.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Food As Fuel – Ingredients/nutrients to support optimal performance.
  • Antioxidants – Reduce oxidative stress & improve recovery.
  • Canine Conditioning – The importance of a conditioning program to reach full performance potential..

Paul Raybould

Cancer In Dogs - Does Food Make A Difference

Paul Raybould is Cofounder & CEO, Keto Pet Sanctuary and Visionary Pet Foods

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Dogs have zero nutritional need for dietary carbohydrates.
  • Cancer survives on glucose not ketones..
  • Intermittent Fasting does for your dog's body what sleep does for the brain.

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