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When to use LickiMat® ? (For Cats)

  • Enrich feeding time

You can use the LickiMat® at any time of the day or night for your cat.  Easy!

Enrich feeding time by stimulating your cat with a LickiMat.  LickiMat also lets you treat your cat without overfeeding.

Your cat will prefer the rewarding and soothing experience of licking the food and scraping its tongue on the specially designed LickiMat rubber tips and surfaces, instead of gulping the food.

Different patterns on different models of LickiMat suit different treats and foods of differing consistency and structure.  You can use the healthiest ingredients in putting together spreads suited just for your cat.

  • A Perfect Feeding Bowl for Cats

LickiMats help your cat eat in its preferred crouching predatory feeding position.  No more picking food out of the feeding bowl and putting it on the ground before eating!

LickiMats are preferred by most if not all cats to a traditional feeding bowl as they eliminate any whisker stress caused by contact with the sides of a traditional feeding bowl.  LickiMats also give the cat the all-round vision that they prefer.

The rib and nodule patterns in the Casper and Felix LickiMats create the same experience as picking around the bones of wild caught food.

The structure of the LickiMat Slomo allows for raw, wet, dry and liquid foods (and treats) to be served at the same time in an elegant feeder without any mess!

  • Enrich treats and improve Oral Hygiene

A simple spread of cream cheese or yogurt, a squashed sardine, or any other treat will take your cat ages to finish off whilst providing a pleasurable licking experience.  The saliva created by the extra licking will improve your cat's oral health and freshen breath by scraping odour causing bacteria off the tongue.

You can emulate many of the boredom busting characteristics by freezing your cat’s LickiMat with their favourite spread.  You can even pre-prepare multiple LickiMats and stack them in the freezer refrigerator to make your life easier whilst making sure your cat doesn’t miss out.

  • A Product Range Specifically Developed for every Situation

You can use LickiMat SloMo™ to prepare a feast of food and treats, raw, dry, wet and liquid foods and treats so that your cat can enjoy what it wants when it wants without any mess!

You can use your LickiMat to deliver medications and supplements mixed in with their favourite treats and food (please check to ensure compliance).

Cat groomers are increasingly using LickiMat to help keep cats distracted when they are being groomed. You can use LickiMat at home in exactly the same way they use it at the salon.

You can get creative with LickiMat!

Just in case you think we have forgotten about your dog, please go to When To Use LickiMat? (For Dogs).

LickiMat - there is no substitute...

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