Oral Health Sample Test Report

When we receive your pet’s saliva sample, we use our laboratory facilities to extract the DNA from all the bacteria in the sample.

We then use powerful analytic software to interpret the results and provide the data to you (via email and online) in a simple dashboard. Generally, the more diverse the microbiome, the better.

When you access your Pet Portal account to view your pet's results, you can also see examples of oral microbiomes from other pets (if you are interested in comparing microbiome diversity). If you test your pet's oral microbiome over time, you'll be able to see any trends for your pet.

Here is the sample test report you will be expecting.

Interested in learning more about your dog’s and cat's oral microbiome test results? Email AnimalBiome at team@doggybiome.com or team@kittybiome.com with your questions or to schedule a 15 minute consultation with one of our oral microbiome test experts.

Backed By Science - We have identified the optimal microbiome make-up for healthy dogs & cats, and created science-backed products to Assess, Restore, and Maintain dog & cat's health.

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