Learning About Testing Your Pet's Gut Microbiome

Test Your Dog’s Gut Microbiome

Problems like diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, itchy skin, and even bad breath can be a sign of trouble in your dog’s gut microbiome. A diverse, well-balanced gut microbiome is essential for almost every aspect of your dog’s health and wellbeing. But when important groups of bacteria are missing or out of balance, some of the gut’s important functions stop working. If your dog suffers from digestive symptoms or skin issues, gut microbiome testing can often reveal the underlying cause.

What Is Gut Microbiome Testing for Dogs?

Gut microbiome testing means examining the bacteria and other microbes found in an individual stool sample. The bacteria in your dog’s stool sample offer a snapshot of their gut microbiome, the complex community of bacteria and other microorganisms living in the gastrointestinal tract.

How It Works

Our at-home DoggyBiome™ & KittyBiome™ Gut Health Test kit makes it easy:

Video Tour: What’s in the Test Report?

This video tour walks you through an actual DoggyBiome Gut Health Test report for Charlie, a 14-year-old dog with diarrhea.

This video tour walks you through an actual KittyBiome Gut Health Test report for Lilac, a 16-year-old cat experiencing vomiting and diarrhea.

What Can You Learn about Your pet’s Health from Gut Microbiome Testing?

Our DoggyBiome & KittyBiome Gut Health Test provides you with useful insights that no other current veterinary test can offer. If your pet has digestive problems, itchy skin, or immune system issues, those symptoms are often related to a gut microbiome imbalance. You will receive a detailed report with results you can use to help resolve symptoms and improve your pet’s health and happiness for a lifetime.

Find out what’s going on inside your pet’s digestive system:

In addition, gut microbiome testing can provide your veterinarian with useful data and actionable next steps, whether or not your dog has already been diagnosed with a health condition (like IBD or allergies).

What Happens after Your Cat’s Gut Microbiome Test?

Once we’ve analyzed your dog’s sample, you’ll be able to access the results online in an interactive report. We give you a lot of information about your dog’s individual gut microbiome, so don’t worry if you feel like you could use a little help understanding it all!

A 20-minute phone consultation is included in the price of the test kit. Just schedule your consult, and one of our Animal Care Specialists will review your dog’s results with you.

If your dog’s gut microbiome is already diverse and well-balanced, it will look a lot like the healthy reference set. That’s great! But if not, the report will explain whether the best solution for your dog is to Add beneficial bacteria, Remove harmful bacteria, or Rebalance the existing bacteria populations. Learn more about restoring your dog’s gut health.

Are AnimalBiome’s DoggyBiome Gut Health Tests Legitimate? 

Like anything unfamiliar, gut health testing raises a lot of questions, and we often get asked whether it’s legitimate.

After analyzing the fecal microbiome (poop) samples from tens of thousands of cats and dogs, we can definitively say that AnimalBiome’s gut microbiome health tests are legitimate, providing accurate, actionable results. Just ask our customers, they’ve given our DoggyBiome Gut Health Tests hundreds of four- and five-star reviews. See our reviews.

Our Healthy Reference Set

We maintain the largest database of dog microbiome samples in the world. And based on our analysis of that large database, we’ve identified a “reference set” of all the types of bacteria we can expect to find in the gut of a healthy dog.

A pea-sized sample of dog poop contains roughly 1 billion bacterial cells. To test your dog’s gut health, we extract DNA from the bacteria in their sample, then use DNA sequencing to identify the different types of bacteria living in your dog’s gut, which we compare to our healthy dog reference set. See Our Science.

A Well-Established Diagnostic Tool

Gut microbiome testing is a well-established diagnostic tool in human medicine, where studies have found that gut microbiome dysfunction is associated with an amazing variety of health conditions — including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), type 2 diabetes, and depression. In dogs too, problems with the gut microbiome have been identified as a factor in numerous health issues, including IBD, diabetes, allergies, obesity, and dementia.

That means looking closely at the gut microbiome can give us valuable information about what’s going wrong when your dog develops symptoms like diarrhea, gas, or itchy skin. (Microbiome testing is an especially useful tool if your dog has been treated with antibiotics, which are known to cause both short- and long-term changes to the bacterial community in the gut microbiome.)

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