About Us

JOOF Holistic Pet is a 100% Holistic pet store in Singapore. We curate premium pet products with pet parents concerns’ as priority. Every product recommended in our store aims to support and improve health, emotional and physical wellbeing, thus helping pets to have better quality of life without compromise. We do not go near products that could be harmful or are misleading pet parents in any ways. Our strict vetting process make sure products are TRULY SAFE, NON-TOXIC, and comes with great benefits.

We focus on the quality, well-being, safety and health-improving components of all pet products; Testing Kits, Fresh Foods, Natural Supplements, Wearables & Accessories, Bathing Essentials, and even Food Bowls to give pets a safe, enriching and beneficial eating experience.

Our advocating mission brings loads of information on our product pages, social media and our pet parent resources which could help pet parents into making better choices for their animals, and be able to take control of their pet’s foundational health from within.

Our Approach

How to make our animal healthier “naturally” and avoid side effects of medical drugs. How to start feeding a fresher diet, and using supplementations, natural remedies in managing our animals?

A lot of pet owners like ourselves didn’t know where to start or what to use.

  • Testing

We carry test kit product like our Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan into helping pet parents in finding out diet and environmental factors that is affecting their animal. This test will allow diet elimination to be done more effectively. Moreover, we also make suggestion on customized diet and supplementation plans.

For pet parent who wish to deep dive deeper into the microbiome health, we also carry test kit product like such as AnimalBiome Gut Microbiome Health Test and Oral Microbiome Health Test (coming soon), giving pet parents actionable insights to learn the status of your pet’s digestive health and whether their diet is promoting the right microbes, or any bacterial imbalances that is causing symptoms like diarrhea or itchy skin, etc.

  • Natural Remedies

Our wide range of holistic pet products allows us to give suggestions into helping parents on remedies for their animals based on individual conditions. Pet parents who follow-up with us also allows us to recommend extra condition requirements.

  • Education

We cant stress enough on the power of knowledge. We have created a section called the Pet Parents Resources that allow owners to be more educated with our reliable researched articles, or they could reach out to us for a more customized holistic opinions and support.

Our Difference

Every animal is an individual, just like you and me. As much as our store welcomes a click and purchase without consulting, our personalized shopping experience into recommending and sharing our most suitable remedy, protocol or opinions for each individual animals is our specialty.

  • Study

For every brand we decided to stock, we do very intensive study and learning about every single ingredient and every product’s suitability on what conditions an animal may benefit from.

  • Results

Most of the brands we stock has helped our own dog in his recovery process over the years, hence we are able to share tips on usage of the product into achieving the maximum results.

  • Do Better

Every order makes a difference in the animal’s life, good and bad. Keeping track of your pet’s progress allows us to hear you as a friend and helping us to alway do better than before for your animals.

Our Philosophy

  • Our Mission

To continue research and providing more trusted, safe, and premium quality pet products for individual health and wellbeings.

  • Our Vision

To help pet parents to achieve and maintain optimal health with their pets with holistic preventative solutions

  • Our Goals

To provide a one-stop nose to tail holistic solutions pet store chain that pet owners can trust.

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