About Raw For Paw

The birth of RAWFORPAWSG stems from the concept of revolutionized raw feeding for paw pets.

As a dedicated pet owner, Michelle has been exploring alternative options, including vegan, natural ancestral, grain-free, homemade, and raw food diets for her furkid. She began a fervent quest to innovate nutrient-dense superfoods which, combined with their in-house recipes, would produce uncompromising natural raw foods that promote optimal health.

From ingredient selection to recipe formulation, the founder experienced an exhaustion to source and craft the meals daily, but this is beneficiary to her furkid. She then uncovered the niche market in natural feeding, and founded RAWFORPAWSG, transcending to a raw feeding manufacturer and retailer today.

RAWFORPAWSG’s brand philosophy advocates trust in safe, natural, raw, and balanced meals that strengthen the emotional bond between pet parents and their pets. All their raw meals are crafted by hand, leveraging state-of-the-art process control systems and cutting-edge food technology to encapsulate the freshness from within. With great attention to detail at RAWFORPAWSG, the brand leads by ethical approach and sustainability. Their extensive raw food portfolio for dogs and cats includes a core range of complete raw feeding solutions, nutritional meal plans, and supplementary booster solutions for at-home recipe formulation and health support.

“Making a difference in the lives of pets, and creating a strong bonding to their parents are what we hope to achieve.” shared the founder of RAWFORPAWSG, Michelle Pang.


RAWFORPAWSG— pioneered as an expert leading raw pet food manufacturer and retailer in Singapore, we source from around the world, ensuring 100% human-grade quality. As an Animal Vetinary Service (AVS) licensed raw feeding company, RAWFORPAWSG prioritises product quality and consistency by leveraging on stateof-the-art food manufacturing process and investing in process control systems, driven by cutting-edge food technology. Our system infrastructure includes cold room storage, blast freezer, High Pressure Processing (HPP) inventory management solutions, semi-automated packing capabilities and end-to-end delivery support.


Unlocking the power of curated raw food to enhance quality of life for pets.


Aspire to be Asia’s leading raw pet food, dedicated to uncompromising food quality curated with state-of-the-art technology.

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