Why Trust Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Products

Dr. Becker

You can trust Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets for all of your pet’s health needs because you are getting products of the highest quality specifically designed for your pet’s health, vitality and overall well-being.

For over two years, Dr. Mercola had been searching for a holistic veterinarian who shared the same principles and philosophy on natural health to help him develop a comprehensive product line for pets. In November of 2009, Dr. Mercola reached out to Dr Karen Becker, as he was impressed with her 20 years of veterinary experience, plus the research of creating protocols for pet products that integrated only human grade ingredients. With like-minded mission and purpose, a partnership was born.

Dr Mercola's Healthy Pets products are entirely based on human-grade ingredients. When it comes to keeping your beloved pet healthy, food grade is chosen over feed grade. All products are developed with the “Three Pillars of Pet Heath” approach in mind:

  1. Species-appropriate nutrition: Each animal must consume a diet that is biologically appropriate for that species.
  2. A sound, resilient body (frame and organs): Muscle tone should be good; body weight should be optimal; teeth and should be healthy; heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other organs should be working efficiently.
  3. A balanced, functional immune system: The immune system should be able to protect the animal from pathogens, yet not be overactive, leading to things like allergies and autoimmune disease. The key here is balance.

This three-pillar approach has proven to be invaluable in Dr Becker's practice. She has found that no matter what specific condition a pet is being treated for, all three of these pillars need to be addressed for total health.

Why Dr Mercola's Healthy Pets Products are Superior

The following are 9 principles that were established so you can have the ultimate confidence and satisfaction from Mercola Healthy Pets Premium Products:

  1. Our products are thoroughly researched and developed. We only bring you products that have been extensively researched and vetted not only by myself, but also by our product development team of scientists, engineers and product development specialists. In addition, when it comes to taste compatibility, our “focus groups” are often my own clients who have volunteered to participate and ensure that your pet will enjoy the flavor of all of our products.
  2. Enhanced Bioavailability. Most of the ingredients in our consumable pet products are foods or are derived from foods. These ingredients, which have specific health benefits for your pets, are not always as well absorbed. To address this, we use unique technologies to help enhance absorption, improve bioavailability and extend their effects to assure your pet gets the optimal benefits from these ingredients.
  3. Human Grade Ingredients. Our products for your pets use ingredients or are made from materials that would be suitable for you. Most pet products on the market use sub-par ingredients and are not suitable for human consumption– all of our products are human grade. We continuously and repeatedly warn about the dangers of the many toxic ingredients and contaminants in pet products on the market today, which affect your pet’s health. These products contain grains and “fillers” we consider sub-standard which are not good for your pet. Our team has extensive lists of “do not use” ingredients that you or I would not want your pet to consume or come into contact with.
  4. Clean Ingredients. We use clean ingredients in our products to assure that your pet does not eat unnecessary or toxic substances. Many products on the market today contain ingredients that have no nutritional value for your pet whatsoever.
  5. No GMOs. We do not allow genetically engineered ingredients in our products and all of our products are free of genetically modified organisms.
  6. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). In order to ensure the best quality products for your pet, all our products are manufactured to the appropriate human GMPs specifically set for each product. Our manufacturers are certified, and our team audits their facilities regularly.
  7. Our products are tested. All of our products are tested for contamination, adulteration, potency, purity, and performance. Products are tested at multiple stages during production and even after production for stability or failure analysis.
  8. Sustainability. We predominantly choose ingredients and packaging that are sustainable, recyclable, and have minimum impact on our planet’s environment. This action supports regenerative agriculture and other sustainable programs. This is something both Dr. Mercola and I are strongly aligned with.
  9. Continuous improvement. Both myself and my team are continuously researching and working to improve our products – if we find better ingredients, better processes, better packaging - we bring these to you with the assurance that we make every effort possible to have no increase in price.

In addition, when you purchase any of Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Products, you are helping to give back to the pet community. We strongly believe in giving back a portion of our profits to charitable causes, which help needy pets everywhere.

You care about your pet. With each of our products put through this rigorous and thorough set of nine principles, you can be certain that you are purchasing truly premium products to help your pet live their healthiest life possible.

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