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In our love for animals, here at JOOF Holistic Pet - Pet Parents' Resources, we would always be dropping updates on things we feel we would love to share with other pet parents to aid you in making better and informed pet parent decisions; be it the experience of the incredible brands and products we have carefully sourced and stock, to the information we research, curate and come to share in our own personal journey as pawrents. Sharing is caring after all!

We hope that our little "Pet Parents' Resources" will be one pit stop that would make your journey as pet parents that much easier. The information out there on the world wide web is too vast for us to learn it all, yet our learning never ends because our furkid is a growing individual of its own. We look to engage you in your furbaby's growing journey by providing interesting, valuable, educational articles, videos, podcasts, courses and even consultations from all over the world from our brand creators, experts, researchers event pet enthusiasts and more. Knowledge is power. Our decisions as pet parents will determine our furbabies' lives, and ours consequently. Our objective and wish, is your pet's wellbeing and happiness, which we believe, would ultimately be your happiness.

What you see here at "Pet Parents' Resources", are recommendations that we believe in, or know for fact, having experienced it ourselves as pet parent; not to mention it certainly helps to know that you are not the only one stressing out over that problem! There is no right or wrong as every furkid is special, you can only try your best. One thing we know, is that every pet parent out there who loves their furkid as much as we do ours, will definitely want the best for their furkid.


2 Weeks ago, we welcome the birth of JOOF Holistic Pet Parents' Resources. Our experience with our furkid, Wangcai, was the brainchild and the start of it all. We believe that there are many pawrents out there who could benefit from our growing pains in our journey with Wangcai, so that both pawrents and furkids would no longer have to go through what we did. So yes, sharing is caring! It is our wish to provide a platform for pawrents out there to know and allow the consideration of different approaches to pet care, an avenue that would contain credible resources that has undergone plenty of research, and most importantly, for us to have a place to learn and grow as pawrents.

JOOF Holistic Pet Parents' Resources Page is something we hope to grow that would be like a little educational guidebook for the pet parents out there who feel clueless and hapless when it comes to the caretaking of your furkids. There can be no cookie cutter formula as every furkid is an individual of their own, but nothing a lot of love and effort would not make up for.

To celebrate this page launch, we partnered with some pet lovers from GoodWoofSG, BossiPaws Bakery, Buhaochi Cafe to have a little giveaway.. If you were one of our participants for our official launch giveaway, a big thank you for joining us! Now that you know of us, please do drop by often to check us out. If you have something you would like to share, please feel free to drop us a mail or anything in any of our inboxes, we believe that all pawsome goodness should be shared with all pet parents out there so that we could all grow in knowledge together and have happier furkids. We look to bringing quality content that would benefit you and your furkid.

Congrats to the following winners on our launch giveaways. Winners please remember to claim your prizes by 30th April!

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If you didn't manage to participate this round, not to worry as we are gonna feature more giveaways in the near future.

Here is the full video of our launch session. We sincerely apologize for the unclear video due to platform issues, though we promise we are already working hard at making our next video better! Stay tune!

You may find more interesting reads from JOOF Holistic Pet today! Look out for loads of information on our product pages, social media, especially our Pet Parent Resources page.

JOOF Holistic Pet, a Singapore online pet store that focuses on the holistic well-being of your beloved furkid. Our recommended products aim to support and improve health, emotional and physical well-being, and help your pet have a better quality of life without compromise. Look out for Essential, Trendy and Premium quality pet products that are specially curated, with pet parents concerns' as priority. 

Thank you for reading!  We hope to bring you more informative and exciting articles from other resources and our varying retail brands. Through them, we hope more and more pet parents could become their pet's wellness heroes, proactively taking control of their pets’ foundational health from within, with JOOF Holistic Pet - www.joofholisticpet.sg 😊

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