Consult with Canine Herbalist, Rita Hogan

Rita Hogan is a canine herbalist.She can work together to evaluate your dog's needs and create a comprehensive care plan. Let her know how she can help you!


  • Herbal consultation $85 USD per hour

This is for a 60 minute call with Rita Hogan. For all calls under 60 minutes you'll be refunded $1.41 USD per minute. Speak to Rita Hogan now!

  • Herbal consultation protocol package $225 USD

The package Includes:

  • Going over paperwork via phone or zoom and answer any questions you may have.
  • Spending time going over your paperwork, vet history, additional submissions and create an individualized herbal protocol with possible food recommendations for you or your dog.
  • Present you with an herbal protocol with suggestions and product links.  Questions and answer included.
  • 2 follow-up emails for any additional Q & A.Speak with Rita Hogan today!

Note: if your dog is diabetic, Rita is unable to help you. Please see a veterinary herbalist or homeopathic vet instead.

About Rita Hogan


I've been studying herbs and natural healing for close to 20 years. My passion for plants, people and our canine friends come together in my teaching and herbal coaching. Looking forward to getting to know you!

My Background - The Short Of it.

I've been working  one-on-one with dogs and owners for almost 20 years.  I learned about the power of plants from my father. He was a prolific gardener who knew what plants to use to help keep our animals healthy. This lead me to herbalism in my late twenties. I consider myself a Western holistic herbalist.

My practice has grown throughout the years encompassing the use of food energetics, western herbs, phytoembryonic therapy (plant bud medicine), spagyrics, homeopathy, essential oils, flower / crystal / mineral essences and energy work.

I have done apprenticeships with elder herbalists, taken key seminars with herbalists and healers helping me further my understanding of plants. Teachers like Matthew Wood, Dr. Isla Fishburn, Sean Croke, Paul Bergner, Carol Trassato, 7Song, Dr. Joseph Carrillo, Joette Calabrese and Sajah Popham.

I’ve studied the works of Cheryl Swartz, Christopher Hobbs, Stephen Blake, Joe Rozenewajg, David Hoffman, EagleSong, John Gerard, Juliette de Bairacli-Levy, Susan Wynn, Barbara Fougere, Jim McDonald, Sean Donahue, Maya Tiwari, Michael Moore, Leslie Tierra, Michael Tierra, Thomas Garran, Gregory Tilford, David Crow, Phyllis Light, Dr. Christopher and others.

Since I moved to Olympia, Washington, I've attended the Hawthorn School of Medicine with herbalist Sean Croke, worked with Carol Trasatto, taught community herbalism classes and continue my education as much as time allows out of clinic.

I'm a writer for Dogs Naturally Magazine, Adored Beast Apothecary, and Authentica Pets. I speak on canine herbalism and teach classes to promote holistic canine herbalism. I work specifically with dogs of all types and the humans that love them.

Yes my practice encompasses working with both humans and dogs. Usually people see how well things work out with their dogs and want herbal wisdom for themselves.

My Story - The Long Of It.

I grew up with my hands in the dirt. I remember grabbing each plant in the garden as my dad worked his crops saying, "Daddy, what this? He would answer and I would ask, "can I pick it?" I must have said this 200 times and he would just answer yes or no, explaining what each plant was as we went along during the seasons. I would always pick helping my dad on the farm over being in the house. My father used many of our farms available wild herbs and vegetables as whole plant medicine to support, cleanse and heal our horses, pigs, chicken and cows.

My grandmother also used whole plant medicine in the form of herbs, poultices, tinctures and teas to raise her family of sixteen during the great depression of the 1930's. Medical care wasn't accessible and she took care of her children independently with the occasional help of a midwife. Herbalism is in my blood.

Rita Hogan Canine Herbalist

Growing up in a rural environment, I spent a lot of time in the fields and forests learning what each flower was, where the tadpoles were and wildcrafting for my dad and my best friend’s mother.  At the time, I didn't even know I was wildcrafting, I would pick what my dad wanted or my friend and I would roam around her property looking for her mother's wish list.

In my early twenties I studied Ayurveda and Buddhism. In my late twenties, I started my formal studies of plant identification, function, energetics, history and lore. In 2002, I began blending those studies with my love for dogs. I have obtained most of my experience through self-study, working with other herbalists, nutritionists and my role as co-director of Music City Holistic Pug Dog Rescue. Together with dog expert, Peg Harrington, we operated one of the first holistic dog rescue’s in the country.

When I was 32, I gave my life over to the fur and slobber when I opened a holistic kennel-free boarding facility on 36 acres in the Cumberland mountains. Shortly after this I began noticing the direct connection between behavior, diet, vaccination and glandular imbalances. Through my work with my client’s dogs and all of our rescue pugs, it gave me the experience I needed working with difficult cases of disease and behavior.

For the next decade I threw myself into my work, started making medicines, read everything herbal book I could get my hands on, asked the locals about what they knew about the plants they used as medicine growing up (thank you Ralphston Overstreet) and began dedicating myself as a canine centered herbalist.

In late 2005, I started Farm Dog Naturals, an herbal remedy company for the all-natural dog selling my remedies to local dog stores. In early 2007, I officially became an LLC with another dog expert, Lynn Higgins. Together we have helped dogs and people have a more sustainable experience together through nature. We passed on Farm Dog Naturals to a new owner in late 2021.

It’s now 2022 and I’m thriving. I have a busy clinical practice in Olympia, Washington working with clients from all over the world, I make my own medicines, teach herbalism every week through mentorship and local classes. I’m a speaker and writer. Currently, I am working on my second herbalsim course and writing the first of three books on canine herbalism.

I’m so grateful for all of my teachers, both direct and indirect. I’m also grateful for all of my clients and students as you have been a weath of knowledge and reflection. You never stop learning.

The journey continues…

Being an herbalist

As an herbalist I continue to grow and guide myself along a path full of learning, sharing, safety and healing. I am a general member of the American Herbalist Guild working on Registered Herbalist status.

In being a general member of the guild, I have the utmost respect for their mission to support and guide herbalists with a code of ethics.

For me, I have found my niche in being a canine herbalist and focusing on the plants and foods most beneficial to dogs and their relationship to the natural world. Dogs are a huge part of my life and using herbs and holistic modalities to help heal them and create vibrancy was a natural progression. Fusing herbs with my experience with dogs has grown into a teaching practice that I truly love and share with others as much as I can.

Code of ethics

In my practice, I follow the code of ethics of the American Herbalist Guild. My membership is the guild is that of a general member. I am currently working towards professional membership as stated in the guilds requirements. See requirements here. As a general member of the guild, I am bound by their code of ethics.

Informed Consent/Full Disclosure - AHG members will provide their clients and potential clients with truthful and non-misleading information about their experience, training, services, pricing structure and practices, as well as disclosure of financial interests if they can present a conflict in practice; and will inform their clients that redress of grievances is available through the American Herbalists Guild or through the appropriate agency where the member is operating under a state license.

Confidentiality - Personal information gathered in the herbalist/client relationship will be held in strict confidence by the AHG member unless specifically allowed by the client.

Professional Courtesy - AHG members shall present opinions about and experiences with other practitioners and healing modalities in an ethical and honorable manner.

Professional Networking - Clients shall be encouraged to exercise their right to see other practitioners and obtain their botanicals from the source of their choosing.

Practitioner as Educator - AHG members shall assume the role of educators, doing their best to empower clients in mobilizing their own innate healing abilities and promotion the responsibility of clients to heal themselves.

Peer Review - AHG members shall welcome a peer review of their publications, lectures, and/or clinical protocols. Peer review is a primary means of enhancing our level of knowledge and expertise and should be encouraged.

Referrals - AHG members shall recognize their own limitations when they feel a condition is beyond their scope of expertise and practice as an herbalists, or when it is clear that a client is not responding positively to therapy.

Avoiding Needless Therapy - Recommendations shall be based solely on the specific needs of the client, avoiding excessive or potentially needless supplementation.

Environmental Commitment - AHG members should acknowledge that individual health is not separate from environmental health and should counsel clients to embrace this same Earth-centered awareness.

Humanitarian Service - AHG members should be open and willing to attend to those in need of help without making monetary compensation the primary consideration.

Quality Botanicals - AHG members should endeavor to ensure that the botanicals they use are formulated and manufactured in a way that will deliver the desired therapeutic results, striving to obtain organically grown and ethically harvested botanicals whenever possible.


“What Rita did for my dog’s itchiness was amazing. It worked wonderfully
— Gail D.
“She’s amazing!!! Hudson has some skin, nose, and ear stuff. We’ve been working with Rita for 3 months. This is the first time in 3 years that his nose looks healthy and not dry and pale.
— Heather H.
“Rita Hogan helped us completely turn around our
anxious, aggressive pitty mix.
— Colleen G
“Rita helped my 12-year-old Pitbull to overcome pancreatitis. My dog struggled with pancreatitis since year five. This last bout was the worst I’d ever seen and nothing we did could bring her levels down. Her stool had blood and in the beginning stages of liver failure. Rita helped normalize her numbers and her pancreas is working again!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude . I was on the brink of losing my dog.
— Carmen, Tacoma, WA

Want to thank you for what you ahve done for Georgia. She is acting like she did before she got sick. Her thyroid goiter has completely shrunk! Looking forward to more! You are an angel. I also loved your energetics course.
— Mary Ann, New York
“I wanted to tell you my dog is doing good. I haven’t even had to use the stuff for her ears as she stopped scratching. This morning, on our walk, she ran ran ran... came across an empty water bottle and started playing with it, tossing it up, chasing... just acting like she hadn’t acted in years. I think she was 2 when I last saw her playing like that. Every night for the past couple of weeks she has been taking out all of her toys from her toy box, scattering them, playing with them, playing with her favorite ball and wanting me to throw it for her... it has been at least a couple of years since she was like this. It’s so awesome.
— Melissa Herrera
“Thank you for your assistance over the past year. Toby turned 15 last month and his scans and blood work on 9/22/2021 show his is in remission for the osteosarcoma. We love and appreciate all you do.
— Audri V / Houston, TX

I wanted to let you know that Nicki is now officially 2 years in remission! So I wanted to thank you for everything.
— Brandi B
“Loved your presentation on Pet Summits, well done. All the information I’ve seen is just awesome, everything I’ve been advocating the last 6 yrs! Thank you for making a difference teaching us Rita
— Karen M.
“I can never thank you enough for your help, making me laugh, and just being an amazing teacher for me during Lincoln’s journey.
— Angi G
“Expressing my gratitude for your help and great product. We’re on the second bottle of Dandelion tincture for my cat’s hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. You were so generous with your time and knowledge when we spoke in March. I’m also giving Dandy (our kitty) the Hawthorn gemmotherapy you recommended. He is doing great and I think his doctors are shocked by his stable condition. The specialist vet who does his cardiac ultrasound wasn’t familiar with using these products but he said to keep doing what we’re doing!!
— Ann Wood
“When Zoey tested positive for Anaplasmosis in April 2018 her vet told me she would have it the rest of her life. The vet said she was asymptomatic and attributed her night twitches to dreams and that anaplasmosis was not likely to attack the CNS. I knew it was more than dreams. Her body was twitching and kicking continually throughout the night, every night. Zoey started her journey with Rita in June 2018 on herbs and nutritional supplements. By April 2019 Zoey tested negative for Anaplasmosis and the night twitches were gone — no more sleepless nights! Thank you, Rita!
— Nancy S
“I just wanted to say THANK YOU. We have seen fantastic results since starting the Chickweed/ Violet lipoma salve one month ago.
— Kathy Piwowar

Maya is coming along fabulously on your protocol. Bouncy, running, happy, put weight on which was near impossible previously, more running, shining eyes, wet nose, warmer, playing, growing hair on her belly that she’s never had, more frequent elimination, did I mention running & more running......it’s sheer delightful to see πŸ™πŸ’œ
— Jan Sinclair - England
“I wanted to thank you for your help. Bruce is doing 100% better! He’s grown all of his hair back now and is so full of life once again!
— Dorthory Ruaz
“Thank you for helping my dog! I thought I had tried everything and I’d almost given up.

My 11 year old fur baby was sick and losing weight. Rita turned things around for us when I was losing hope.

Thank you Rita. So grateful!

— Karen - Ontario Canada
“I have experienced many “holistic” practitioners over the years. Working with Rita has been pivotal in regaining my health. She is truly holistic.

She understands plants, health manifestations & all aspects of being human.

Rita listened to me and connected the dots of mind, body, spirit holding a vision of my health. She helped me remove blockages and restored my vitality.

— Sharon S. - England
“Just wanted to give you a Toby update and thank you for ALL your help and guidance. He is doing very well. Today he was playful and happy. He walked on his own, and his stomach is much better.
— A. Villion and Toby
“Dobby has done amazing on the protocol. He has full mobility again and is gaining strength and endurance day by day. I’m able to walk him off leash on trails for over a mile now every day with no problems and very little fatigue and soreness afterwards. The white willow and cbd has been sufficient for pain relief and I think it helps him calm down and sleep at night when he’s been restless in the past. Thanks so much for all your help! You’ve literally changed our lives over here and I’m forever grateful.
— Meg S.
“I would like to thank you again for your time. Zafira told me last night she was tired and she went to Heaven this morning. If it wasn’t for your help I would have not gotten 2 more months of mostly good quality time with her. I appreciate all that you do.
— J. Davis
“My vet told me this was his the last mast cell tumor operation on Aphrodite so I had to figure out how to keep these things from coming back another way. I was blessed to find Rita & so far with her protocol, a fresh & raw diet, elimination of chemicals (household products, flea tick preventatives, vaccines etc.), she is 13 happy, healthy and full of life. Now we are addressing a kidney issue and I have full confidence this too will soon be under control. Thank you Rita!
— Beth H.

After having gone through many different medical specialists without positive results, Rita has been a true life saver.

She listens, puts you on an herbal path, checks in, re-evaluates and changes things up if needed.

I can not say enough good about her.
The only problem I have with Rita is I didn’t find her earlier.

— Karen Taylor
“Rita has an incredible array of knowledge of canine physiology and pathophysiology. She helped my dog who was suffering with rabies miasma. She is thorough, incredibly gifted in her knowledge, and couldn’t be a nicer person. Her follow up and check ins were so appreciated.

I cannot be happier with how much better my dog is doing with Rita’s herbal recommendations!
— Becky Kelber
“Love your newsletter. You’re a wealth of knowledge and help to all of us!

Thank you so much for the love you put into your research and care for our sweet furry babies!

You’ve been such a gift to our little family and we love you always.
— Susan P / Florida 
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