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Animal Essentials FAQ

Herb Tincture Formula FAQs

Q : Will Tranquility Blend sedate my pet or affect his coordination?

A :  No. Tranquility Blend is very mild and is intended only to take the nervous edge off. Your pet's physical dexterity will not be affected.

Q : Can I overdose my pet with Tranquility Blend?

A :  In 20 years of marketing this product we have responded to only a few minor adverse events that are generally limited to nausea (from excessive use).   That said, it is important to remember that too much of ANYTHING can lead to toxicity.  Use common sense.

Q : Are there any contraindications with concurrent use of pharmaceutical drugs?

A :  Not to our knowledge.  However, there is a theory that the calming effects of this formula might have a potentiating effect upon surgical anesthetic drugs.  Therefore, we recommend discontinuing use of Tranquility Blend at least 24 hours in advance of any surgical operation.

Q : What is the best way to administer Tranquility Blend?

A :  Like all of our herbal tinctures, Tranquility Blend is best administered orally, between meals, by squirting the formula directly into your pet's mouth.  If this proves to be impossible, try administering with a small amount of water or meat broth.  If that fails, add the product to a small portion of yummy food.  The goal is to get as much of the active chemistry of the product into your pet's system as quickly and completely as possible, without interference of  food digestion.

Q : How much oleuropein is in Animal Essentials Olive Leaf tincture?

A : We do not standardize to oleuropein.  Instead our goal is to produce an extract that represents the entire chemistry of the leaf, including oleuropein, the content of which is variable by nature. Generally speaking, we can expect anywhere in the range of 15-25mg of naturally occurring oleuropein per 1 ml of our tincture.  Its important to know that although oleuropein has been proven as a powerful component of olive leaf, it does not singularly guarantee the efficacy of a product.  The antmicrobial/antiviral activities of oleuropein were discovered many years ago, and several studies since have shown that although it is an important component, it is not the only naturally-occurring component to consider. Oleuropein acts in relation to several other compounds which must also be present in order for olive leaf to work its magic.  So again, the key to producing a good olive leaf extract is to assure that the entire chemistry is  represented in the formula.  Standardizing to assure a guaranteed, higher-than-natural amount of oleuropein is unnecessary and in my mind, expensive and misleading to the consumer.

An herbalists rule: The whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ingredient Sourcing FAQs

Q : Do any ingredients in Animal Essentials products originate from China?

A :  Yes.  Unbeknownst to many, about 95% of ALL vitamins used in USA manufactured animal OR human supplements come from China, ours are no exception.  Be weary of any other brands that claim their vitamins originate in the USA. While its true that quality can be an issue with foreign sourced ingredients, you can rest assured that the vitamins and chelated minerals we use in our products are of the HIGHEST HUMAN-SUITABLE quality available anywhere. Each ingredient we use is tested for its identity, quality and freshness before it can pass our quarantine. Proof of quality is determined by analytics; not just by where an ingredient comes from. Believe me, there are plenty of garbage ingredients manufactured in the USA, none of which will ever go into our products.

Q : Are the herbs in Animal Essentials products grown in the USA, and are they certified organic?

A :  The vast majority of herbs we used are from certified organic sources in the USA. Some are not, simply because they cannot be effectively grown in North America.  A good example is Myrrh; the gum of the Commiphora molmol bush that is indigenous to Africa. All of the herbs we use are sustainably harvested and are subject to identity verification and quality testing by an independent analytical laboratory.

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