Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil

Unlike most other manufacturers of herb tincture products who use grain alcohol as their primary extraction solvent and preservative, we employ sweet-tasting vegetable glycerin as a much more palatable alternative for dogs, cats and other animals. This presents a challenge, as much of the world’s vegetable glycerin originates from unsustainable sources, namely, expansive palm plantations that are chiefly responsible for the deforestation of vast expanses of rainforest in Southeast Asia. These are places of unparalleled biodiversity, where endangered species such as the orangutan, Sumatran tiger, Javan gibbon and countless birds and plants are on the brink of extinction, as their habitat continues to be devoured by humanity’s demand for biofuels, cosmetics and hundreds of food ingredients that are all derived from palm oil.

As a company that is built on a belief that holistic wellness is to be shared among all life forms on Earth, we insist upon being an active part of the solution, rather than the cause.  Therefore, we are proud to have joined forces with the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO); a non-profit organization that is committed to minimizing the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and communities in palm oil-producing regions. As a member of RSPO, Animal Essentials has committed to a set of environmental and social criteria that is necessary to turn this terrible trend around, and to advance the production, procurement, finance and use of sustainable palm oil products into a brighter future. Together with RSPO, we are working to help develop, implement, verify, assure and periodically review credible global standards for the entire supply chain of sustainable palm oil. Through continuous monitoring and evaluation of the economic, environmental and social impacts of the uptake of sustainable palm oil in the global marketplace, RSPO and its partners, like Animal Essentials, are working to save remaining rainforests and the animal and human communities that live within them. In addition to RSPO certified glycerin, we also utilize, to the extent that it is available, other non-palm sources of glycerin, such as that derived from sustainably sources of coconut oil. For more about RSPO and its mission, please go to https://rspo.org/about/our-organisation.

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