PawTection vs. Paw Soother: What's Best For Your Pup?

PawTection vs. Paw Soother: What's Best For Your Pup?

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PawTection vs. Paw Soother: What's Best For Your Pup?

Being a pawrent is a huge responsibility. A dog's well being goes far beyond a shiny fur coat, and keeping up with the maintenance requires both prevention and intervention methods. Bet you did not know that this applies to your pup's paws! In fact, paw health is a vital component for your pup's overall well being.


Protect your pup's paws from damage with PawTection! PawTection is a natural wax blend balm that provides a protective and nourishing barrier for paw pads and is most beneficial as a preventive treatment. Therefore, we highly recommend usage before any high activity level and/or exposure to extreme climates and terrains.

Activity Levels

An active dog is a happy furkid. From that daily walk in the neighborhood, to that run at the park, our canine friends benefit from regular exercise. Unfortunately, such outdoor activity and play will cause natural wear and tear to the pup's paw pads. Want to keep those Fido's paws from damage? PawTection to the rescue! A little goes a long way; simply apply a layer of Pawtection to each paw to minimize scratchy paw pads and general wear and tear.

pawtection testimonial before and after healed paw padsExtreme Climates and Terrains

While dogs are pretty tough creatures, their paw pads are naturally sensitive and are meant to remain soft. It’s important to remember that Mother Nature can take a toll on your furry friend. Think of it this way: if the weather outside is uncomfortable for you, it is probably just as uncomfortable for your furry friend too! 

If you were to live in a temperate country, there would definitely be more to worry about. The cold winter may have freezing temperatures and snow that could cause your canine friend to have frostbite; ice could cut paw pads, salted roads could scratch those soft paws, exposing your poor friend to unwanted deicing chemicals and toxins.

Summertime has its own share of harmful elements: seasonal irritants, chemicals like pollen and fertilizers, and sizzling sidewalks from hot temperatures that could burn and blister your dog's paw pads. Every pawrent wants a happy and healthy pup, but harsh elements and extreme conditions could cause serious damage. Protect and nourish your pup's paws with a layer of Pawtection before going outside, and you could be saving yourself a trip to the vet!


Dry, cracked, even hairy and itchy paws are all paw woes that could cause some serious disruption to your furry's friend playtime. Heal and soothe the pain and irritation with Paw Soother, an all-natural product that could help with that paw issue your pup may be having.

Rough or Cracked Paws

Dry and scratchy paw pads are normal over time with all that our furry friends do, but they are not supposed to stay that way! Paw Soother has a natural butter blend with Vitamin E formula that is ideal for moisturizing those dry paw pads, and even contains Calendula Extract that gently soothes and softens irritated or cracked skin.


Find that your dog is licking or biting his paws more than usual? Allergies are likely the culprit in this case. Excessive licking or gnawing will eventually give way to more significant issues like abrasions, or worse, an yeast infection, so do take action quickly if you see your pup licking his paws. Paw Soother has a combination of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing ingredients that are perfect for managing allergies that could be bothering your furry friend.

paw soother to protect dog pawsHyperkeratosis

Hyperkeratosis is a condition caused by an overproduction of keratin that causes a dog paw to get thick and crusty, often looking like a layer of fuzzy hair growing on the paw pad. This is generally, and usually, the symptom of a more serious condition. There is no known cure for hyperkeratosis, but Paw Soother contains ingredients that would quickly work to heal and moisturize paw pads, minimizing symptoms so that your pup feels more comfortable.

Cuts, Scrapes, & Scars

No matter how proactive and careful you are when it comes to your furbaby, accidents happen! Paw Soother can help with that paw or paw pad cut. Its healing and disinfecting properties are gentle enough to use on a wound, while the moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients are strong enough to eliminate visible scars.


Paw health is essential to a dog's well-being. Healthy paws not only give your pup the support needed when exercising, the extra cushion will help with supporting the bones and joints. Fido cannot do it alone, so it is up to you to protect and maintain their paws! 

Regularly checking your pup’s paws for cuts, cracks, swelling, and sticks, or burns is a good habit to have. Having PawTection and Paw Soother on hand makes it easier for you to maintain a pawfect routine.

An easy way to remember their usage: PawTection before going out and Paw Soother before bed. 

Not only will your fur friend be a happier dog with healthy paws, you can sleep well knowing that your fukid is not struggling with pain or infections! Spoil your furkid silly with those loving pawdicures and massages, you will be thanked with more love in return!


So remember, PawTection is used to prevent damage, Paw Soother is used to heal existing damage. Together, it is the pawfect combination for healthy paws!  

Pawdicure pack PawTection and Paw Soother healing balms for dogs

Both of the PawTection and Paw Soother balms produce wonderful results on their own, but their collaborative qualities will have your furry friend living the happiest, healthiest life, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve!

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