Vaccinosis: What is it, and How Can You Help Your Pet?

Vaccinosis: What is it, and How Can You Help Your Pet?

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Vaccinosis: What is it, and How Can You Help Your Pet?

Throughout the years, vaccines have become a truly controversial topic in both human and animal medicine. There have been various viewpoints - be it at the extreme ends of yes or no, or those who stand their grounds in the middle. We understand that this is an extremely important health concern for your furkid regardless of what you agree on.

In our opinion, what really concerns us about vaccines would be vaccinosis. In this article, we will be introducing vaccinosis, how it will affect your furkid and what you can do when your pet is experiencing vaccinosis symptoms.

What is Vaccinosis?

Vaccinosis is a homeopathic term that refers to how your furkid’s body reacts chronically and negatively after receiving a vaccine. Looking into Traditional Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy, the chronic, long-term aspect is a major difference from conventional medicine. After receiving a vaccine, the side effect conventionally is temporary. Veterinarians turn to look at the immediate side effects instead such as swelling, inflammation, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, anaphylaxis (severe and life-threatening reaction to an allergy), edema (fluid trapped in body’s tissues resulting in swelling), cardiac arrest or even death.

The above are considered vaccine reactions in Homeopathy and supportive remedies are available to work hand-in-hand with what veterinarians prescribe in life-threatening situations; whereas vaccinosis is different as it is chronic or long term. It is believed by Homeopaths that the body has a natural, energetic flow and that it has an innate ability to fight disease and bacteria. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they call it ‘chi’ while in Homeopathy, they call it the ‘vital force’.

If your furkid has been showing signs of discomfort ever since a vaccine was administered, it may not necessarily mean he/she is having a reaction to it but instead, something in the body has deeply shifted. After his/her first-year vaccine, there may be a slight decrease in energy levels. After the second-year vaccine, he/she may be feeling more lethargic than usual, pairing with pain in the joints or some allergy symptoms. Their mental state in the first, second or third year could be affected - your furkids may become fearful, depressed or even aggressive. These are not just side effects seen 24-48 hours after a vaccine.

As a vaccine is administered, your furkid’s body is forced to respond to it. The body is unable to process it by ignoring or passing it out as vaccines usually force an intense immune reaction, which in turn trigger other reactions that may cause long-term imbalance of the vital force. Due to the intense immune reaction, various diseases like arthritis, allergies, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc may get triggered. These are diseases that may occur when your furkid is at a geriartric age group but are potentially fast-forwarded to an earlier life stage due to vaccinosis. In turn, your furkid may not have the optimum quality of life or longevity that they should have as compared to other pets. In general, it means that the ‘vital force’ or ‘chi’ in the body has been damaged as the vaccine shifted the body so much that it is not able to go back to its natural balance.

The Vital Force/Chi: A River Flowing

Looking from a homeopathic perspective, your furkid’s vital force is like a natural river flowing - beautifully, winding and twisting, uninterrupted and strong. When a vaccine is given, the vital force is disturbed and the body has to respond by producing something unnatural. The vaccine is like a tree that’s not supposed to be there and fell across the river - it is not natural. Like a human’s body, your furkid’s body responds to a natural disease in a natural, intuitive and immunological way. A vaccine is not natural, especially combination vaccines, as they are made up of adjuvants, antigens and preservatives.

If the tree is not removed, the river adjusts to keep flowing. In this case, the body adjusts like the river - it goes over and/or under the tree for a while and presents simple things like lethargy, anxiety, mild fever which are not lethal but in turn reduces quality of life. As time goes by, leaves, branches and debris build up. The river starts to go around the tree, causing erosion of the river bank. At this point, more chronic diseases like chronic inflammation which lead to diseases like autoimmune disorders, chronic arthritis, epilepsy, heart diseases, etc start to set in.

We have become accustomed to the body’s response to a vaccine to be inflammatory on a certain level and used to the medical field’s reaction with our veterinarians telling us that the symptoms will subside. Homeopaths recognise that it is the commencing trauma but waiting it out or using medications will not remove the underlying trauma - it only minimises or ignores the reaction. The tree continues staying in the river but the water has to keep moving, resulting in the ‘vital force’ or ‘chi’ stays disrupted. 

There are many things that cause trauma but a vaccine trauma is different. A vaccine trauma is not a great, immediate trauma like a car accident. It is a gradual, insidious process like an erosion - causing a slow and constant damage over a period of time. This is what vaccinosis is - a long-term and chronic process in which the body is forced to do something unnatural to the immune system. It is why being educated about vaccines is important so that you can choose the vaccines and decide on the frequencies of it based on non-biased research. Instead of focusing on whether to vaccinate or not, make the right choice for your furkids to alleviate the side effects and avoid unnecessary vaccinations.

When vaccinosis kicks in, we can refer to homeopathic remedies like Rebalancer. You can also choose to work with a qualified homeopath to seek an individual remedy that is the most suitable for your furkid’s situation. The concept is to give the body tools to remove the trauma brought on by the vaccine, to align the ‘vital force’ or ‘chi’ back to balance and allow the body to heal on its own.


What to do if your furkid has symptoms of Vaccinosis?

If your furkid is experiencing any form of side-effects after the vaccination, make a trip back to the clinic so that they can have the reaction recorded. It is very important that your veterinarian is aware of it.

This is essential as not enough people do it and is usually brushed off when they make a phone call to complain of lethargy, vomiting or inappetence. Usually, the veterinarian will respond by giving antihistamines or recommending resting for a few days and your furkid should be back to normal in 1-2 days. By making a trip down to the clinic, the veterinarian will then chart it into the medical history and will be taken more seriously during the next vaccine. In that situation, you may then refuse vaccination (should you like to) and only go for titer testing. 

In the majority of these cases, reactions tend to become more severe after every vaccine and yet, it still does not affect a veterinary clinic’s vaccination protocol. The only change would be to add on an antihistamine before administering the vaccine to decrease the side effects. However, this will not stop nor slow down the chronic process of the vaccinosis. If it is possible, you may sign a waiver to not vaccinate in the future due to the reaction towards the vaccine. It is really crucial to head back to your veterinarian should you notice anything wrong with your furkid. If you notice any swelling of the lips, eyes, tongue or face, it is imperative that you bring your furkid to the nearest veterinary clinic as he/she might go into an anaphylactic shock which can lead to death.

After receiving immediate treatment for the allergy reactions, you may swap to homeopath remedies like arnica 200c and aconite 200c - which can be found in the product we carry - Adored Beast Your Go2. When your furkid has a vaccine reaction and goes out of control, Adored Beast Your Go2 (arnica and aconite) sends signals to the body to calm it down and process the vaccine by helping it to derail how over-triggered it was. You may then use the Adored Beast Rebalancer to support the body and remedy long-term chronic symptoms brought on by the vaccine. It has been proven in homeopathic journals, material medicas and repertoires that remedies like thuja and silica are effective in removing additives commonly found in vaccines like adjuvants, antigens thimerosal (ethyl-mercury) or formaldehyde, from the body. There are multiple reasons for your furkid’s body to react badly to vaccines but these two remedies can pull these foreign materials out of the body, help the body to deal with them and realign the body’s balance.


Regardless of whether you are fine with zero-vaccinations, up for not over-vaccinating, or would like to fully-vaccinate according to your veterinarian’s recommendation, consider vaccinosis and what it can do to your furkid. Vaccinosis is an actual, long-term concern as it can cause continued impacts on overall health which may not even show up for months or even years till it’s too late. Taking steps to help your furkid’s body deal with the invasion of additives can minimise the damage and protect his/her ‘vital force’ or ‘chi’ which in turn allows optimum quality of life and longevity.

You can purchase Adored Beast Rebalancer and Adored Beast Your Go2 from JJ E-Homez Holistic Pet today! 

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