How to Naturally Get Rid of Dog Tear Stains

How to Naturally Get Rid of Dog Tear Stains

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Let us just go through what are tear stains all about and the common causes of it.

What are those reddish-brown streaks beneath your dog’s eyes?

Those reddish brown streaks, also known as dog tear stains, beneath your furkid’s eyes, are caused by an overproduction of tears and could be a result of inflammation coming from inside the body. Tear stains are extremely common, especially in certain breeds such as the Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, and Maltese. Dogs with light colored coats will have more visible tear stains, particularly white dogs. In most cases, dog tear stains just create an ugly eyesore, BUT they have the potential to become irritated or infected. In worse cases, tear stains are often a sign of a more serious eye problem.

Why are tear stains rusty brown color? Why do some tear stains have a smell? How to treat and prevent them?

Common causes of dog tear stains.

Epiphora is the technical term for an overproduction of tears, also known as tear staining to us common folk. While your dog may naturally produce more tears than necessary, it is always best to double check, so as to be able to rule out the possibility of an underlying health condition/inflammation. The most common health related causes of epiphora or tear stains include:

  • Eye infection
  • Ingrown lashes
  • Glaucoma
  • Yeast buildup
  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Certain medications
  • A low quality diet
  • High stress
  • Abnormally small tear duct openings
  • Entropion = inverted eyelid
  • Ear infection
  • Second hand smoke, or other allergens
  • Plastic food bowls (another potential allergen)
  • Teething


tear stains

Dog tear stains usually contain porphyrins, a naturally occurring iron rich molecule that is a waste product produced when red blood cells break down. Porphyrins are usually removed from the body through poop, but dogs and cats are able to excrete it through their tears, saliva and urine. When porphyrins sit on your dog’s light colored fur, it turns a reddish brown color, often darkening after exposure to sunlight.

If stains are more brown than red, it may an indication of an yeast infection, a common side effect of constantly moist surfaces. Another sign of a yeast infection is a foul odor. If there is a smell coming from your furkid's face, there is a high chance of an infection, which does require additional treatment.

If you think your dog’s tear stains have morphed into a yeast or bacterial infection, do not fret, try out Wrinkle Balm! This gentle, organic and 100% all natural balm includes anti fungal properties that can tackle bacteria, yeast, and nasty smells too. It could also be used as a protective barrier for skin when applied along tearstain tracks.


Always carefully read product labels and make sure you know and understand every ingredient before giving it to your furkid, Tylosin Tartrate is one such antibiotic to look out for and AVOID.


  • Clean and wipe dry your dog’s face and eyes several times throughout the day to prevent moisture from causing bacterial or yeast infections.
  • Use an all natural product like Wrinkle Balm to treat secondary infections or skin ailments associated with tearstains. Apply a small layer along tear stain tracks to help reduce skin irritation and inflammation.
  • Use a natural dog shampoo to wash skin twice a day until your dog starts to heal.
  • Switch your dog to filtered water if possible as tap water usually contains higher levels of iron and other impurities.
  • Ditch those lousy allergy causing plastic food bowls and invest in glass or stainless steel ones.
  • Make sure your dog gets a high quality diet that has all those needed nutrients. The less ‘fillers’ the dog food contains, the fewer impurities the body has to filter out.
  • Visit your veterinarian regularly to ensure dog tear stains are not related to a more serious issue.


Brachycephalic dog breeds range to include all dogs with short noses, including the pug, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Pekingese, Boston terrier, French bulldog, and many more. Due to their facial structure, brachycephalic dogs are more prone to certain health problems, particularly those related to breathing. They can also be prone to tear stains, especially if they have buggy eyes that are more exposed to the elements, dry eyes, corneal ulcers, or trauma — all of which can lead to tear stains.

Moisture is a cause for bacteria, which is why tear stains are often associated with skin inflammation, irritation and infection. Wrinkle Balm is great for the brachycephalic breeds who are more prone to tear stains and subsequent skin infections. Not only does it soothe and heal irritated skin, it also helps combat yeast and bacterial infections. Plus, you can be rest assured that it is safe enough to use on that cute doggie face, all the way down to their little tail pocket.

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