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About Bossipaws

Bossipaws was set up in 2015 as a subsidiary business of a Pet Cafe, Ah B Cafe, to meet the demand for dog food, cakes, pastry, and treats. We had since moved on from Ah B Cafe to concentrate more on Pet bakery, food, and products.

The Chef

Our head chef, Joel Gui, who had been in the food and beverages industry for the past 27 years, left her company as a master chef in Pastry and Japanese Culinary to pursue her passion to open her own Pet Cafe business, Ah B Cafe in 2014.

As a pastry master chef and food science nutritionist, she applies what she learned from human nutrition and explores food that is healthy and nutritious for dogs. Over the years, she had created a series of cake designs, healthy food, and gourmet food for dogs.

She also specialized in creating customized cakes. Other than pet bakery, we also have a Pet Gourmet Series including wonton dumplings, siew mai, pork bone broth, meals for special needs dogs, and more.

Bossipaws is also a school that teaches pet owners or business owners about food science and nutrition for dogs, and cupcakes, 2D dog/cat cupcakes and 3D cakes.

The Chef Culinary Journey

1994 - 2000

  • Chef - Japanese cuisine

2001 – 2006

  • Executive Chef – Japanese cuisine
  • Executive Chef – Pastry


  • Qualified Food Science Nutritionist
  • Awarded by Tokyo Kasei University

2006 – 2010

  • Master Chef – Japanese cuisine
  • Master Chef – Pastry

2011 – 2013

  • Chef Consultant

2014 – 2020

  • Founded Ah B Café

2015 – Present

  • Started Bossipaws Bakery

2021 – Present

  • Started Bossipaws School
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